Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New T420s - Ordering and Stock vs. Upgrades

Lenovo T420s
Ordered 3/29, Received 4/13
System : 4170CT

         0A71931       VBB INTCRI5-2520MPR(2.5GHZ                             45M3092       VBB GENWIN7HOMEPREM64                
            0A68718       SBB GW7 HP64 US ENGLISH          
            0A68976       SBB 14HD+LDBCKLTANTGLDSPMBBBRD          
            0A68969       SBB INT CR PRC.WINTHD GRP3000          
            45M4569       VBB 2GBPC3-10600DDR3 1333SODMM          
            45M4839       SBB KEYBOARDUS ENGLISH                
            0A68978       SBB FINGERPRINT READER                
            0A68993       SBB 720P HD CAM+INTGR MCRPH          
            0A68986       SBB 250GB HRD DSK DRVE,5400RPM          
            0A68985       SBB DVD RCRDBL8XMXDLLRULTRBSLM          
            0A68997       SBB EXPCRDSLOT+4 IN 1 CARD RD          
            0A68980       SBB 6 CELL LI-ION BATTERY          
            39T6442       SBB COUNTRY PACK NORTH AMERICA          
            45M4804       SBB IN.CENT.ULTIMATE-N 6300          
            44C7950       SBB INT WRLSSWDAREANTWRK UPGR          
            0A69000       SBB LANGUAGE PACK US ENGLISH


HDD : Seagate Momentus Thin Series 250GB
Memory : 2GB Samsung


1. Intel 320 120GB SSD SSDSA2CW120G3K5, K5 stands for Desktop Installation Kit. It Comes with: the SSD, 2 sets of screws, HDD tray, SATA cable and power cable.
The drive is originally 7mm and comes with a spacer to make it 9.5mm. Had to remove the spacer to use it in the T420s

Guess what - The spacer screws also the hold the SSD cover, ouch!!!
Without the spacer the screws are too tall to fit in the 7mm HDD Bay. For the time being I have just placed the cover without the screws. Will go find some screws over the weekend. The drive tray seems to hold the SSD + its loose cover pretty firmly.

2. GSkill 2 x 4GB Kit F3-10600CL9D-8GBSQ
No problems recognizing this memory.

3. WD7500BPKT for the Ultrabay

Recovery Media:
Requires 1CD and 3 DVDs.
While creating the recovery disks, the "Files are being extracted,
please wait" dialog box took forever to finish 'extracting'.

I also copied the C:\SWTools folder just in case, to save some time later.

First Impressions

Speakers are very good
Keyboard feels more solid compared to T410s

Not so good

Griddy display, like others have mentioned.
Dont like the wide aspect ratio
Display is almost the same as my old T410s
Hinges are too smooth (too easy to move the lid)
Backspace key fell off - got a case number from Tech Support, they will ship out a new keyboard (2-3 business days)

Interesting observations

Option to power off the DVD drive (not sure if this was there before)
Comes with a 'lenovo' on the left side. This wasnt there on the T410s,
which I actually liked.

Hyper PI 0.99b : Test 1M, Instances 4, Average Time 19.558s


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