Wednesday, April 13, 2011

T420s vs T410s comparison / benchmarks

This post is about some performance comparison between my new machine (T420s) and old (T410s). It is not meant to be a fair comparison.

HDD/SSD Performance

WD3200BEVT in UltraBay

UltraBay and TrueCrypt

Pass Mark Performance Test

Battery Life

I dont know any standard method to benchmark a battery. Here's what I did:

Start with 100% battery cold start.
Set Brightness to 8
Run browser and start on demand TV shows on Fox.
Install Software - Acrobat, Intel SSD toolbox, Magic Disc, MSDN Update (1198MB download) all the while, watching full screen TV show.

Windows battery meter was always within 1% of the Lenovo battery meter.

Time: Exactly 2:00 hours, from 100% to 20% remaining.

Start up Time

The start-up time now is exactly 23s, from power button press to Logon (Finger Print Swipe) screen. An additional 3 second to usable desktop after end of finger swipe (finger does not touch).

Visual Studio 2010 Workspace
The taskbar on my desktop in on the left side (vertical).
With the default C# environment and default font I can see 45 lines from top to bottom.
Increasing the editor font to 12pt, gives 36 lines.

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  1. I love my T420. The build quality really makes it shine from the rest of the laptops. Which T420 were you benchmarking? Is it this model - Thinkpad T420 418062U