Thursday, May 5, 2011

Intel SSD 320 - After market screws

As I mentioned in the earlier post, I bought the Intel 320 SSD for my new T420s. It comes with a spacer to make the height 9.5mm, but the spacer needs to be removed for using it in the main bay (7mm) of T420s.
After removing the spacers, I was looking for screws that would hold the SSD cover. The screws are M2 3mm/4mm. I ended up buying an assorted pack of screws from eBay. Only 5 of the 50 screws actually fit the SSD. Pic below:


  1. Hello! Do you think this link( works? Or could you tell me the link you got these screws? Thank you!

  2. I used the same vendor but a different set of screws - the assorted pack (50 screws).

  3. Is the warranty voided on the hdd now because of what you did? I own a T420s as well and would like to do the same thing as you did. I could buy a 7mm Intel 320 160gb for $320 or a 9.5mm for $180 on Ebay. Just trying to save some money.

    Please let me know how. Thanks.

  4. AFAIK the warranty is not void. I have just removed the spacer and not opened the drive as such. No existing seals etc. have been broken. You can also put the drive back together AS-IS and it looks like original drive.
    This warranty issue has also been discussed on Hope this helps.